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The Q Django Maple The Q Django Maple
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The Q Django Maple:

At first it was the music.
Then the visual beauty.
That inspired me on the Django.
A total new guitar-building concept.
Still fascinating the music world and guitar-making today.

My Django is braced with the traditional strutting design.
Combined with the extra long scale.
That gives the high trebles and mids that are very welcomed in the Django style.
I've changed the headstock to a peghead.
It's just simple to change strings.
The back and ribs are made of flamed maple and a one piece flamed maple neck.
Supporting the short attack sound.
Its appearance is pure elegance with the red padouk binding.
In perfect harmony with the flamed maple.

A special feature is the build in transducer underneath the floating bridge.
Ready to go…and play!


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