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The QJ Bubinga The QJ Bubinga
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The QJ Bubinga:

Was designed in 1999 on the quest to accommodate any players preference.
Taking no shortcuts to build a high-end jumbo guitar.
Without the over muffed bass tone.
The QJ Bubinga has a controlled balance and clarity with an extra deep tone.
Keeping fine mids and nice trebles due to the wide soundboard producing a big tone.
A hand made guitar with a big sound!

Keeping the great elegance on a straight foreward guitar.
Enjoying the simple appearance of a doted fingerboard and the harmony of wood.
The QJ Bubinga delivers a big bass tone and volume.
A smooth warmth sound that likes to emphasis with the player.
With very easy playing comfort with it's slim neck.

An inspirational feel in a cowboy bluesy country style guitar playing


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